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Empowering Indian MSMEs: Unleashing Business Potential with Agamya Store

In the thriving digital era, small entrepreneurs, manufacturers, traders, distributors, and other businesses are actively seeking effective ways to tap into the online market. Agamya Store, a "Truly Indian & Wholly Indian" e-marketplace, has stepped up as a lifeline for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) across India, enabling them to exhibit and sell their products to a wider customer base.

A picture showing a busy marketplace transitioning into a digital platform, highlighting the transformation brought about by Agamya Store

Established with a vision of propelling Indian MSMEs towards the goal of an ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’, Agamya Store provides a robust online platform, fostering growth and enabling businesses to reach customers nationwide. This e-marketplace becomes a one-stop solution for businesses looking for a simplified process to sell products online.

Streamlining Product Listing and Ensuring Uniqueness

Screenshots demonstrating the ease of the listing process on Agamya Store

Listing products effectively and distinctively is one of the major challenges for businesses aiming to sell products online. Agamya Store simplifies this task, offering a hassle-free listing process. Sellers merely have to provide product pictures and details in an excel format, and the Agamya team takes care of the rest.

Moreover, the platform ensures a unique selling environment where no other seller lists the exact product you offer, thus maintaining your unique selling proposition and avoiding direct competition.

Successful Ventures: Traditional Businesses Transformed into Digital Powerhouses

Several businesses have harnessed the capabilities of Agamya Store to transform and extend their customer base beyond geographical boundaries. Businesses like Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar (LMB Jaipur), Jain Shikanji, Tatvik Ayurveda, and Welnox International have not only established their online presence but also achieved significant growth.

A collage showcasing the successful sellers and their diverse products

1. LMB Jaipur

A vibrant image of LMB's delicious sweets

A confectionery with 290 years of tradition, has expanded its customer base through Agamya Store. With their popular ghevar, milk cake, sohan halwa, and sugar-free laddu now reaching customers nationwide, LMB Jaipur has successfully taken a centuries-old business online.

2. Jain Shikanji

An enticing image of a chilled glass of Jain Shikanji

Renowned for its refreshing and beneficial drink, now brings their instant Jain Shikanji Masala to doorsteps across India. The legacy of this family business, maintained by their distinct formula, can now be enjoyed by customers far beyond Modinagar.

3. Tatvik Ayurveda

A layout of Tatvik's Ayurvedic skincare products

An Ayurvedic brand that emphasizes natural beauty and skincare, sells a range of products through Agamya Store. From face serums to herbal tea and lip balms, Tatvik's offerings have found favor with customers seeking holistic skincare solutions.

4. Welnox International

An image highlighting the range of Welnox International's feminine hygiene products

A provider of sanitary napkins and feminine hygiene products, has used Agamya Store to ensure more women across India can access their high-quality products.

Lowest Commissions, Free Marketing, Easy Fulfillment

One of Agamya Store's distinct features among online selling platforms is the offering of the lowest commission rates in the industry. Sellers on the platform are further supported by free product promotion across social media, search engines, and trade directories. The platform also offers easy fulfillment, allowing sellers to focus on their core business, while Agamya Store takes care of shipping logistics.

Furthermore, to safeguard seller's interest, Agamya Store has a 'No Return Policy,' only allowing returns within 24 hours of receipt and in case of a manufacturing defect or if the product differs from the listed specifications.

Join Agamya Store: Your Business Success Partner

Empowering the Indian MSME sector, Agamya Store offers an unparalleled platform that caters to the unique requirements of selling online. It provides businesses a gateway to reach out to customers across the length and breadth of the nation, thereby fueling growth and facilitating success.

To take advantage of Agamya Store’s dynamic and innovative platform, register as a seller at or call/WhatsApp us at 8898896010. Your success story starts here!

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