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About Us

Our Roots and Expertise

Welcome to Agamya Store, a distinct enterprise of M/s Mahabir Sequins Embroidery (MSE). For over a decade since our establishment in 2013, we've been delivering exceptional embroidery services to manufacturers of readymade garments and accessories. Nestled in the bustling garment manufacturing hub of Delhi-NCR, we've had the privilege of serving some of India's leading garment manufacturers. As a proud member of the illustrious Mahabir Group, a household name in sequins manufacturing with a rich history spanning 60 years, we leverage a tradition of craftsmanship and expertise in all we do.

Our Journey and Expansion

Our evolution took a significant stride forward in 2018 when we registered the trademark "Agamya" and commenced manufacturing fashionable clothing. Resonating with the youth, Agamya quickly carved a niche for itself as the most cost-effective brand for daily wear fashion.

The true test of our adaptability and resilience came during the nation-wide lockdown in 2020. Having already established an online presence through, we expanded our offerings to accommodate the changing needs of our customers, adding daily essentials like masks, sanitizers, and digital thermometers to our inventory.

The Birth of

Leveraging our strong ties with manufacturers and distributors, we launched, an e-marketplace dedicated to providing daily essentials. Our goal was and remains to deliver these necessities at the lowest pan-India rates to end-users.

At Agamya Store, we seamlessly integrate tradition with innovation, quality with affordability. We are more than a brand; we are a trusted companion catering to your everyday needs. Serving you continues to be our pride and inspiration.

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