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Jain Shikanji Masala 500g

Jain Shikanji Masala 500g

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Original Jain Shikanji Masala, the perfect blend of spices and all-natural ingredients to prepare the classic and healthy lemon drink, Shikanji, right at home. This refreshing drink is known for its ability to eradicate tiredness and leave you feeling rejuvenated and energized thanks to the unique combination of black salt, white salt, black pepper, harad, long (clove), roasted cumin seed, and Nuasadar. With this Shikanji Masala, you can enjoy the authentic taste and benefits of Shikanji without any artificial additives or preservatives. Simply mix the masala with some lemon juice, water, and sugar, and voila - a refreshing, revitalizing drink that is perfect for any occasion. Make every sip count with Jain Shikanji Masala.

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