Silicone Pot Holder Gloves Pair

Silicone Pot Holder Gloves Pair

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Silicone Pot Holder Gloves is Protective heat resistant oven mitts set ideal for serving, baking, cooking or handling hot plates So convenient that you can use every day.Perfect for handling plates and containers out of your microwave. Avoid burning your hands or fingers Easy to store and clean,Special design allows you to hang them for easy reach Perfect for handling plates and containers out of your microwave. 



  • The silicone oven mittens are great kitchen accessory and necessary. It actually solved the problem that avoiding hands burned by pot or something hot.
  • Protect your hands from extreme heat up to 482 F. Made from food grade silicone material.
  • Includes 2 set(2pcs) of blue Gloves Silicone Oven Mini Mitts. Colors are selected randomly.
  • Easy to use, store and clean. No-Slip, No-Stick, and Burn-Proof
  • A magnet is attached to the mitt, can stick it to metal surface. Magnetism is relatively weak to make it easy to be detached. Dish washer is not recommended to wash this mitt.
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