Milk & Dark Compound

Milk & Dark Compound

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Milk & Dark compound Chocolate slab ideal for Baking Home made chocolates , Cakes , Muffins , Brownies , Cookie. The compound is suitable for Bakery Products, Ice Creams, Confectionery Sweets, Making of Pralines, Mousses, Candies, Cake Toppings, Milk shakes etc. Store in a cool, hygienic and dry place. Best before 12 months from manufacture Intended for institutional use as raw material.

A premium milk chocolate flavored confectioner. Coating. Blommer offers a wide variety of compound coatings made with specialty vegetable fats to optimize.


We Have 3 Diffrent Varities 

1.Milk Compund 

2.Dark Compund

3.Milk & Dark Compund Combo


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