Instant Portable Water Geyser

Instant Portable Water Geyser

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Winter Just Arrived and Get ready to enjoy the warm water bath by Using electric water Geyser.  Whenever hot water is required just connect inlet with the running water tap and then switch on the geyser. It gives instant hot water continuously. Get hot water within 4 Minutes only. All you need to do is just connect it with the tap. The product auto switches off when water supply stops. Super Lightweight water Geyser can be easily transported while travelling or relocating. Suitable to be used in bathrooms, kitchen, wash area, factories or beauty salons, this portable water heater is made from highest quality products that add more to its durability.



  • Auto power cut-off in case temperature reaches 65 degrees
  • Good quality material- you will undoubtedly enjoy the warm water bath by using  electric water heater that is made from durable and standard quality materials
  • No extra plumbing required-easy to use and maintain, portable water heater is designed to provide you utmost ease by supplying continuous warm water. shock proof, rust proof, super instant, durable and economical instant geyser. Max temperature of hot water reaches up to 65 degrees
  • Suitability- the product auto switches off when water supply can use this one of the best water heater anywhere in bathroom, kitchen, wash area,office , beauty parlour
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