Digital Kitchen Weighing Machine

Digital Kitchen Weighing Machine

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This is a professional scale designed for kitchen, mail room or even your workshop. It has a large round stainless steel washable tray for routine cleaning. 



  • DIGITAL KITCHEN SCALE- A kitchen device used to measure the weight of ingredients and other food. Kitchen scales are available in balance or spring models. A balance scale will give a more accurate reading than a spring scale. Using a scale will result in a more accurate measurement of the ingredients than by measuring it by volume.
  • CAPACITY - The maximum weight and the Capacity is 10kg. The most precise digital scale in its class, with a capacity range from 1 gram to 10 kg, Best for weighing the Vegetable & Fruit & liquid. Use in School, Restaurants, Offices and many places
  • EASY TO USE , CLEAN AND STORE - Placing your scale on a hard flat surface to ensure accuracy. Clean scale with a damp cloth but do not allow water to get inside. Do not allow scale to become saturated with water. Do not use chemical abrasive cleaners to clean the scale. Do not weight those items heavier than 10 KG. Do not store the scale in an upright position. If the scale is not being used for a long time remove batteries.
  • Dimensions: ( 9.65x 6.7 x1.38)in/ (24.5 x 17 x 3.5)cm (L x W x H). Accuracy Resolution: 1g, 0.1oz. Min weight: 1g/ 0.0353oz. Max weight: 10000g/ 353oz. Power : 1.5 V X 2 AA Battery
  • POWER- Power supply 2AA x 1.5V battery 
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