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Dabur Hommade Imli Sauce

Dabur Hommade Imli Sauce

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  • Ready to eat Imli Sauce
  • Popularly known as Saunth
  • A perfect combination to all your chaat and snack items
  • No complex process of procuring tamarind, boiling and preparing Imli Sauce
  • chutney; garlic chutney; hari chutney ; coriander chutney ; tomato chutney; imli sauce; sauce
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Agamya Store sources all its products from sellers located within India. Some of the raw materials, intermediate components, and consumables used in the manufacturing of the final product could be from one or more countries. As per Global Sourcing pattern followed by our sellers, one product is likely to have a different Country of Origin depending on the batch sold. The Country of Origin as mentioned anywhere may be considered as the Country from which the Final Product is sourced.

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