Copper Water Bottles

Copper Water Bottles

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Stay healthy and hydrated with gorgeous copper water bottles that are made in India by skilled artisans. Made from copper's immunity-boosting properties, this bottle is leak-proof and fits well into all cup holders. 


About this item

  • ANTI-AGING: The copper bottle water is Anti-Aging. It helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and patchy skin. Drinking water from copper pot can thus help you look younger and fitter.
  • HEALTHY HABIT: Water stored over night in copper Utensil is essential for hemoglobin synthesis, bone strength and immunity building. Copper helps in maintaining digestive health, healing wounds and relieving pains. Copper is an Antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic that prevents cell damage and slows aging. Copper is primary element to produce melanin (pigmentation of eyes, hair and skin) in human body.
  • Ayurvedic Health Benefits - Drinking Water Stored In A Pure Copper Vessel Has Many Major Health Benefits. It Helps Slows Down Aging, Aids In Weight Loss, Helps In Pregnancy, Improve Immunity and It's A Strong Antioxidant That Helps Fight-off Diseases and Boost Brainpower. You're only A Few Clicks Away From Looking and Feeling Like A New Person. Let This Ancient Practice Create A Fresh Start for Your Body Also Help In Lower Your Sugar Intake
  • Promotes Healthy Skin
  • Cleaning Instrucations:- Clean your copperware by hand and avoid dishwasher. Use pitambri powder to clean copper utensils and wipe with soft cotton cloth
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