Coffee Hand Blender

Coffee Hand Blender

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Get Creamy Froth Quickly just within 15 - 20 seconds for your morning coffee with our  Coffee hand blender Which  is designed to do just that - whip up your coffee and give it a nice froth.You Can  blend your lassi or whisk your eggs as well . Hand blenders take up less space in your kitchen, create less washing up and there's minimal food wastage.




  • Battery Operated Portable Hand Blender For Lassi, Milk & Coffee .
  • Structure - stainless steel stirrer and plastic hand shake Best for Frothing or making sherbet ,yogurt ,lassi or cold coffee or Protein shake at GYM
  • Classic Sleek Design Foamer / Frother / Whisker- For Caffãš Latte, Espresso, Cappuccino, Milkshakes, Lassi, Salad Dressing, Etc
  •  It will beat your eggs faster and better than what you can with a spoon. It will froth your milk and coffee/cappuccino as if you are having it at a cafe!
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