Baking Paper

Baking Paper

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Non-Stick Baking Paper is great for use in either the microwave or your conventional oven as it is heat resistant up to 230 deg.C(450deg.F). Cooking with Baking Paper requires no additional oils,greasing or flouring.Ideal for dairy and food wrapping, genuine vegetable parchment protects from light, oxygen, water, vapor and impurities. This material is pure, hygienic and acts as a natural barrier to grease even when wet. It is perfectly suitable for direct food contact and ensures that no loose fibers stick to the product. It is the ideal substrate for wrapping yellow fats and packaging greasy, sticky or wet products.



  • Size-12 inch width X 10 meters long
  • Perfect For non-stick cooking and baking
  • Fat free cooking, food grade, no need for greasing, good for baking
  • Keep food fresh longer and prevents decay. Keeps your food 100% bacteria free and taste intact.The pure biodegradable nature of it exceeds the consistency in quality from your kitchen to the environment


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