Art & Craft Books

Art & Craft Books

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Each book is assisted with respective material and compiled extra craft sheets. Also, an appreciation art certificate is provided to every student.

What Make These Different:

  • Crisp, step by step instructions with simple and easily understood language helps the child understand the activities and do them independently. 
  • Most activities are age appropriate. Some activities are also planned for children who would like to push their limits further. 
  • When the fertile mind wants to create, not getting supplies quickly may be dampener. So that the child's initiate is not curbed, all the books in the series carry an organised kit which has almost all the material required. 
  • Some activities have a requirement of a specific type of paper. These have been provided immediately after the activity page and can be used by removing them from the binding. 
  • The artwork and images used in the series make the whole series very interesting to the child. 
  • Activities planned in the series are a mix of several drawing, colouring, cutting, pasting and making textures. This helps the child to open and broaden horizons.


Various Art & Craft activities covered in this series are :

  • Painting 
  • Sketching 
  • Observation & Colouring 
  • Thumb Impression 
  • Clay Modelling 
  • Origami
  • Printing With Thread
  • Pattern Making
  • Paper Craft 
  • Fun With Pulses 
  • Wool Pasting 
  • Spot The Difference 
  • Pizza Collage
  • Folk Art
  • Envelop Making 
  • Science Tricks 
  • Greeting Card Making 
  • Aboriginal Art 
  • Glitter Art 
  • Free Hand Drawing
  • Cotton Pasting
  • Hand Printing 
  • Finger Puppet 
  • Water Colour Blotting 
  • Cut And Paste
  • Wet On Dry Techniques
  • Blow Painting
  • Card With Buntings 
  • Ice Cream Stick Construction 
  • Grid 
  • Gift Wrapping 
  • Spray Painting 
  • Oil Pastel Colouring
  • Country of Origin